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- Master Your Life -


A Journey For Personal Growth, Success and Mindset Transformation


Since I am Only able to Start this program with a Limited number of people, I want to be sure that whoever is a part of this First group is Absolutely ready to do whatever it takes to break their old habits and take whatever steps are needed to work towards becoming the best version of themself! This journey will not be easy but it will be worth it for those who are willing to put in the work!

Within all human beings exists an energy that seeks to know itself, to expand itself & for those courageous enough, to Radically Transform itSelf!


That which we are seeking is seeking us.

The key is Learning how to 

put yourself in alignment to be found!


- Master Your Mind Master Your Life-


  Why is change so difficult? And why do so many of us dream about a better future, a healthier body, and clearer, more stable mindset, but yet we can't seem to make these changes on a deeper level? Why are we always left with residue of anxiety looming around us, feelings of being unfulfilled & incomplete on some level?


  In my personal Journey for freedom it came down to discovering that those feelings are just nudges from Spirit reminding us that there is so much more to life. That the purpose of life is to conjure up and imagine the Life of our Wildest Dreams & to then to do everything in our power to make those dreams our reality. It's about awakening and building a relationship to that mysterious, miraculous, divine energy that beats your heart, breathes your breath, and circles our planet around the sun. It's about cultivating & dedicating yourSelf to a daily spiritual practice that helps you become Self aware, Self empowered and Self expressed!


This manual is an introduction to the Able Heart Master Class - Master Your Life. An explanation & evaluation process of how you can transform yourself, your mind, thoughts, actions and in return, your Life. Luckily they are inseparable!


But What Does It Mean to Transform Your “Self”?


Well in order to answer that question, I think it's important we break down what those words actually even mean. So let's take a look…


Trans - 

"across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond, across, over, beyond, cross over, pass through, overcome."


Form -

"semblance, image, likeness, physical form, appearance; pleasing looks; shape, image; way, manner" 


Self - 

the union of elements (such as body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations) that constitute the individuality and identity of a person

So in essence Transform simply means - 

To go beyond your original form.

So then to Transform your "self" means - 

To go beyond your original thoughts, feelings, actions & sensations.

Easier said than done - I know!


But we live in incredibly (or should I say credibly) exciting times here on this planet and with modern technology there are branches of science like neuroscience & epigenetics that have researched and discovered that we can literally metamorphosize ourselves through the power of our thoughts & choices. Check out how logical Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza breaks down the process…  (He is One of My Favorite people on this planet!)


Same thoughts lead to

Same choices.

Same actions & behaviors.

Same experiences.

Same feelings.

Same state of being.


If this is true then... 


New thoughts must lead to

New choices.

New actions & behaviors

New experiences

New feelings

New state of being!


  We are human beings after all & so my question for you is...Who are you being? In other are you thinking, feeling and acting, in EVERY moment. This constant awareness must become the foundation of our practice if we want to metamorphosize, realize, and actualize our ultimate potential!


  Building steady awareness of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state is absolutely essential if what we desire is lasting change in our lives. Because, in order to transform your personal reality, you must be willing to transform your personality. In the simplest form...Your personality is the total sum of how you think, how you act, & how you feel and if you are not 100% satisfied with your life, the change has to start within you. I know it can seem a bit intimidating to take responsibility for the way your life currently is, but there is a tremendous amount of power that awakens inside you when you realize “hey if I created this----(life as you know it), then I can create this”----(life as you truly desire it!) Also let’s not forget, there is a natural evolutionary surge of energy inside you that wants to know itSelf, expand itSelf, & express itSelf! Our practice now becomes getting closer and closer to that mysterious, mystical divine, Loving energy within ourselves...EVERYDAY!


Practice is NOT something you do some days and then take off when you don't feel like it...The change you are seeking is a delicate & dedicated Work of Art that balances Hard work, Smart work & Heart work. It requires sincere Devotion & Applied Willpower in order to utilize our Life as a Daily PRACTICE to Become who we wish to be!


  • Do you want to have more joy in life? You have to practice being happy.

  • Do you want to be stress free? You have to practice being peaceful.

  • Do you want to experience more freedom in your body? You have to practice moving.

  • Do you want to feel inspired? You have to practice & find the things that light you up.


  How bad do you actually want to evolve & expand? No really. Prove it to yourself now and choose a practice below then! I want to share with you some of the tools I consider necessary…


Remember transformation does not happen overnight. There are stages to the evolution process, here are a few of the essentials…

1. Evaluate Yourself & Your Lifestyle

-Identify who you are and who you really want to be

-Set attainable goals

-Begin to journal daily

2. Visualize & Describe Your Ideal Life Inside & Out

-What characteristics would you have?

-What would you be doing?

-Where would you be?

3. Be An Optimist

-We live in a world where anything is possible and anything can happen at any moment

-Choose your thoughts wisely, treat yourself kindly, & think positively!